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DUI Lawyer in Edmonton

Since being called to the bar decades ago, Robert M. Kassian has successfully defended hundreds of DUI cases in Edmonton. Call today for a DUI lawyer in Edmonton.

In the province of Alberta, a peace officer has the right to signal an individual operating a motor vehicle according to the Traffic Safety Act and under the Criminal Code of Canada.  Recent amendments to the Criminal Code permit an officer to make a Mandatory Alcohol Screening Demand requiring an individual to provide a sample of their breath into a roadside screening device without any grounds to believe the person has been drinking.  In some cases, the officer will need to have at least a “reasonable suspicion” of alcohol consumption to make a roadside demand.  Ultimately, demand for the driver to accompany the officer to a police station or CHECK STOP van may require you to provide a sample of your breath into an actual Breathalyser machine.  Additionally, due to changes to the Criminal Code, the demand may be to submit for a Drug Evaluation.    It is essential to have the ability to consult Counsel at this time to know your rights and options.

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    DUI Defence
    Dui Lawyer in Edmonton

    If you have DUI charge or Traffic Safety suspension in Edmonton or have been suspended pursuant to the safe roads initiative, it is vital to contact Counsel as soon as possible.  Your license will be automatically suspended pursuant to the Traffic Safety Act, and there is a short window within which you have the right to challenge the safe roads initiative penalties. Failure to act in time may prevent you from protecting your rights even if you are ultimately acquitted of the allegations. In addition, the penalties under the Criminal Code of Canada have substantially increased with the recent amendments. Therefore, you must consult with experienced Counsel to know your rights and protect them. Get in touch with our DUI in Edmonton lawyer today.

    Consequence of DUI

    Suppose you have been charged with drinking and driving, or careless operation of a motor vehicle, or fail to submit an acceptable breath sample. In that case, you shall be subject to the following fines upon conviction:

    • For the first offence: a minimum fine of $1,000; a minimum one-year driving ban.
    • For a second offence: a minimum prison term of 30 days; a minimum driving prohibition of two years.
    • Third offence: A minimum prison term of 120 days; a driving ban lasts a minimum of three years.

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