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Child Custody in Edmonton

As per the Divorce Act in Canada and the Family Law Act of Alberta, both statutes deal with the concept of child custody or parenting. Robert Kassian has decades of experience with dealing with Child Custody in Edmonton.

Custody, or as it is currently referred to as “Parenting,” relates to the ultimate decision-making obligations of the parent concerning their children. The words “parenting time” and “access” apply to the actual time spent with your child. While one parent might be the child’s primary caregiver, both parents may share the right of decision-making. Both parents may be entitled to share in the decision-making of the best interests of their children. Child custody classifications are joint, shared, split or sole custody. 

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    Child Custody Access in Edmonton

    Canadian and Alberta law presumes that both parents are equally capable of having custody of their children. In Canada, courts keep in view the child’s best interests when making a judgment about child custody and access. There are several factors that a court must consider when deciding custody and access. Factors such as the child’s age, circumstances of the parents, and potentially the child’s preferences, and there are many other factors under consideration. If you think you are not getting fair treatment concerning child custody access, you can reach out for help.

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