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Divorce Lawyer in Edmonton

Robert M. Kassian has decades of experience as a divorce lawyer in Edmonton.

Divorces are issued by the courts in Canada and do not always entail a hearing before a judge. Suppose the parties are unable to agree. If the parties can negotiate a settlement arrangement or when no settlement agreement is necessary, the court can issue a divorce by consent without a court appearance.

Generally, you would need to have been separated from your partner for at least one year to receive a divorce judgement for a divorce. However, you are entitled to file for a divorce immediately upon separation. You must seek the advice of experienced counsel to protect your right to spousal support, child support, child custody and access, and the division of marital property.

In many cases, individuals are unable to come to a settlement. At this point, individuals should seek legal counsel, like Robert M. Kassian, to assist with the negotiation of a settlement or court applications to ensure that their rights are protected.

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    divorce lawyer in Edmonton

    Common-law relationships

      • What is identified as a common-law relationship differs from province to province in Canada but usually means two individuals who live together for a long-term duration and share funds or properties.

    Restraining orders

      • A restraining order is a family court order that restricts what a person can do in any manner that the court deems necessary. For example, the order can limit where a person may go or approach or speak with.


      • When two partners start living separately and apart, it can be said that they have separated. Legal separation entails the contract that is created between two people at the time they get separated.

    Property, common law, and paternity rights

      • Property law includes real and personal property under common law. Real property is land, any construction on the land, any mineral rights under the estate, and any estate or buildings that might be called permanent. Personal property includes any property that is not real property.

    Matrimonial property division

      • The rule states that the ownership of any kind of property obtained by the partner after the marriage, which remains at the time of separation, must be shared evenly between the partners. Any increase in the value of the property owned by a partner on the date of marriage must also be shared.

    Matrimonial litigation

      • If you are separated and considering a divorce, take the appropriate measures to secure your money in the future. This implies both the near future (for example, forming or modifying the will) and the long-term consequences of marriage, separation, or divorce.

    Settlement negotiations

      • Many disputes result in arbitration or mediation rather than being resolved by a court of law. Settlement may be accomplished by straightforward agreement, negotiation, or other sorts of dispute resolution mechanisms.

    Legal Counsel for Divorces in Edmonton

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