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Get Legal Counsel on the Emergency Protection Order in Edmonton

Has an Emergency Protection Order (EPO) been filed against you, or are you required to proceed to an aural confirmation hearing?  It would be best if you acted quickly to protect your rights. In Edmonton,  you can turn to Robert M. Kassian for legal counsel

The EPO is granted according to the provisions of the Protection Against Family Violence Act. Accordingly, the claimant can be any family member, including legally married and common-law spouses, persons living together in an “intimate” relationship and even children.

The Act allows a person to apply, without notice to you, for an Order to restrain you from your home, the claimant, and even contacting your children. It is also essential to understand that even though the EPO may include restraining you from contacting your children, the Court has no jurisdiction to order Access.

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    Emergency Protection Order

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    You need to first contact a local Justice of the Peace or Provincial Court Judge to grant this order.

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