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5 Ways to Prevent Parental Alienation

Parent alienation is an all-too-common reality for many Canadians. Today, we’re sharing five ways to prevent this from happening to you. We are also sharing who to call for help if it does.

What is Parent Alienation?

First, let’s begin by defining what parent alienation means.

The term refers to a child’s estrangement from one parent due to manipulation. It is common during child custody battles. However, it can also continue long after they end. 

When this happens, the results can range from frustrating to downright devastating.

5 Ways to Prevent Parent Alienation

Next, let’s cover some strategies for preventing this from happening to you. 


Remain Neutral

As tempting as it is to justify yourself to your children, the best strategy is remaining neutral. Stooping to the same level as your child’s other parent can also be classified as parental alienation. It is in your, as well as your child’s, best interest to remain neutral and calm around your children no matter how challenging the situation becomes. 


Keep Communicating

If the efforts to alienate involve cutting off your contact with your child, it’s essential to keep communicating however you can. Even if delivering messages to your children is not possible, you can still write them messages to deliver later when the situation resolves. Further, you create a record showing your attempts to communicate, which can prove helpful in court.


Don’t Lose Perspective

When one parent tasks their child with “spying” on the other parent, that parent can be angry at their child for doing so. 

In these situations, it’s imperative to remember that the child is a victim of parental alienation as much as you are—it is not their fault. Becoming angry at them means you are misplacing your anger. Always remember remaining neutral and calm is essential. 


Stick to your Schedule

Being careful with your words is always valuable for building and maintaining relationships with your children. When parent alienation occurs, it’s more important than ever. 

If you cannot keep a commitment, show up late, or miss a scheduled visit altogether, the other parent could use this as evidence or justification to further alienate you from the child. 


Use Optimistic and Affirmative Language

At the end of a visit with your child, it might be tempting to say something like, “I don’t want you to go.” Instead, we encourage you to choose a cheerful, optimistic, and affirmative language. 

For example, your response could be, “I’m so excited to see you again next week!” 

Seemingly small changes like this can go a long way to helping your child avoid feelings of guilt. Further, this helps establish a strong bond with your child and offers them the encouraging and positive feedback they might not be getting otherwise. Chances are, they are feeling enough of that due to their other parent’s efforts to alienate you. 

Legal Help for Parent Alienation

Finally, hiring the best legal help is one of the best things you can do to prevent this situation from continuing once it starts. With a dedicated and experienced legal team on your side, you’re giving yourself and your children the best chance of a peaceful resolution in everyone’s best interest. 

If you live in Edmonton and are dealing with the heartbreak of parent alienation, know that help is available. Robert Kassian has decades of experience dealing with child custody cases in Edmonton. 

If you are looking for more information or legal guidance on parent alienation in Edmonton, please get in touch with us today.