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Charged with a DUI in Edmonton?

Here’s What to Do.

After a DUI charge, you are sure to have many questions. What are the next steps you should take? Who can you call for help? What are your options? We are going to answer those questions for you in this article.

What to Do After a DUI

After a DUI charge, one of your very first and most essential steps is calling a DUI attorney for help. Not only can they help you determine the correct next steps for your specific case, but they can also offer support and guidance during a challenging time. 

Your DUI attorney can also help you navigate the legal process that comes with a DUI charge in Alberta. 

At the time of your DUI, police could either charge you with criminal impaired driving, or they could issue Immediate Roadside Sanctions. In the case of Immediate Roadside Sanctions without criminal charges, this can still include fines, vehicle seizure, and license suspensions. 

On the other hand, if you do receive a criminal impaired driving charge, this comes with several items and actions, including an Appearance Notice, Notice of Intention to Seek Greater Punishment, Certificate of Analysis, and a Notice of Administrative Penalty form. These notices and documents include dates to attend police headquarters for fingerprinting and photos, as well as dates to appear in court where you will plead guilty or not guilty.

These forms are legally compelling. If you do not attend, you can receive a charge of ‘Failing to Appear.’ Then, the court could issue a warrant for your arrest. 

Along with the importance of showing up for these events, it’s also essential to have an experienced DUI attorney at your side. They will fight for your rights and help you take legal action after a DUI charge.

How to Take Legal Action After a DUI Charge

An automatic license suspension pursuant to the Traffic Safety Act occurs immediately after a DUI charge. Then, there is a short window within which you have the right to challenge the safe roads initiative penalties. Failure to act in time may prevent you from protecting your rights even if you are ultimately acquitted of the allegations, highlighting the importance of immediately contacting a DUI attorney. 

As for how to take legal action after a DUI charge.

They will depend on the specific charges brought against you and your blood alcohol concentration at the time of testing. They also depend on whether you plead guilty or not guilty. Additionally, the legal consequences increase in severity and intensity depending on whether it was your first incidence of Immediate Roadside Sanctions or second, third, fourth, etc. 

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All of these circumstances influence the appropriate course of legal action following a DUI charge. With an Edmonton DUI attorney on your side, you’ll have the peace of mind you’re correctly navigating these steps and that someone is advocating for your best interests and rights.

Who to Call for Help After a DUI Charge

As for who to call after a DUI charge in Edmonton, the answer is Robert M. Kassian. As a lawyer in Edmonton, Robert (Bob) M. Kassian’s law office takes on a range of cases in the areas of Criminal and Family Law. These include driving while impaired (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) offences, as well as drug charges, domestic violence, divorce, child custody, and property division cases.

Bob and his team work hard to protect your rights and future from day one. Since being called to the bar decades ago, Robert M. Kassian has successfully defended hundreds of DUI cases in Edmonton, and he will fight to do the same for you.

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